Free Windows 7 VPN Account


Microsoft's new Windows 7 becomes the best selling desktop Operation System since last year for total 240 Million copies sold. Now more than 30% computers are using Win7 as the primary desktop OS. By following the steps below, it's easy to configure our Free VPN account in Windows7 to get a very secure VPN access for highest protection when using public internet access and for best web sites unblocking for MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or online video portal sites.

  • From Windows 7 Desktop, click Start - Control Panel to open the control panel;
  • Click Network and Internet,  click Network and Sharing Center;
  • Click Set up a new connection or network, then Connect to a workplace;
  • Select option No, create a new cnonection, then Use my Internet connection (VPN);
  • In the Connect to a workplace window, fill fields as shown in homepage;

  • in Next window, use free as User name field, and use 1234 in the Password field, then click "Connect" button to start the free VPN connection!

Configure Free VPN service account for latest Win7 OS

  • Now the Windows 7 computer has connected to our Lifetime Free VPN server, enjoying your brand new web browsing experience at anywhere through any internet connection please!