Free iPad & iPhone VPN Account


Our Free PPTP VPN is 100% compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

It's very simple to configure our VPN account in Apple's mobile device and portable Tablet - including the latest best selling iPhone 4 and WiFi/3G iPad!

  • Press home button to bring the default home page back to iPhone/iPad screen;
  • Through the touchscreen, using finger to press "Settings" icon in the home screen, then press General - Network - VPN - Add VPN Configuration... to pop up the configuration window;

  • Fill each field shown as in homepage, the current VPN password is 1234. Please use it in the Password field, then save the settings;
  • Change the VPN switch button from OFF to ON position, that's all! Enjoy the high secure and reliable VPN connection for your best than ever Apple touchscreen gadgets for FREE!